Veterinary Products

veterinary productsWoods Consulting, LLC has experience in the development and commercialization of various veterinary products including veterinary medical devices, veterinary biologics, veterinary nutraceuticals, and other products for the veterinary market.

Woods Consulting, LLC assists our clients in (a) establishing the product type (biologic, supplement, drug), (b) which regulatory agency (US, Canada, Europe, etc.) has purview, and (c) the development process required before entering the veterinary market. 

Common Veterinary Product Misconceptions

Veterinary pharmaceuticals and biologics don’t require approvals: To be legally marked and distributed in the US, veterinary pharmaceuticals must undergo a formal approval process with the respective regulatory agency.

Veterinary pharmaceuticals and biologics have a very easy approval process:  Not necessarily, many veterinary biologics and pharmaceuticals can take years and millions of dollars to develop.

If approved for human use, the pharmaceuticals and biologics can be automatically used in veterinary medicine without an approval: To be labeled and marketed for veterinary use, a pharmaceutical or biologic must satisfy those requirements as set forth by the respective regulatory agency which regulates the veterinary product.

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