Veterinary Companies

Companies that provide products and services to the animal health market can be categorized several different ways.  Some veterinary and animal health companies can be categorized into those that are dedicated (100% veterinary or animal health) and/or those that have human and veterinary products or services.  Several pharmaceutical companies have both human and veterinary divisions.  Animal health companies may can also be categorized by what they produce or distribute, such as diagnostic, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and/or vaccine (biologics) products.  In addition, companies can be categorized based on their role in producing and distributing veterinary products.  For instance, a veterinary manufacturer is a company that sponsors a veterinary product registration and sells into the veterinary market, while a veterinary distributor is often limited to distributing a manufacturer’s products to veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Animal health manufacturers and distributors have undergone substantial consolidation in the last 20 years.

veterinary companiesThe following is a short list of veterinary and animal health companies.


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