Veterinary Consulting Services Overview

veterinary consulting servicesSince 2007, Woods Consulting, LLC has been providing animal health and veterinary consulting services for pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and nutritional companies across the United States and in Latin America, Canada, Europe, and Australia.   

Our veterinary consulting services focus on technology assessment, market analysis, product development, and commercialization strategy.  Our experts have started their own companies, worked in industry, and have comprehensive experience in business development, clinical practice, marketing and project management.

Benefits for Pharmaceutical Companies

Value Creation, De-Risking Technology, and Cashflow?
Comparative Data: Translating efficacy outcomes from rodent studies can be challenging, and is one reason many pharmaceutical companies are now looking to veterinary medicine to evaluate efficacy in companion animals with spontaneous diseases which mimic the same diseases in people. This approach may provide valuable information for taking a drug or biologic into human clinical trials, while also providing pet owners access to cutting edge technologies. is substantially more valuable (value creation) compared to lab animal models. Dogs, in particular, have a number of spontaneous diseases that closely resemble their human counterparts, such as cancer, osteoarthritis, congestive heart failure, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions that closely resemble disease in humans.

Revenue Stream: The veterinary pharmaceutical market can assist companies in generating revenues while pursuing their human development efforts. In addition, the animal health market permits companies to diversify, obtain more data, and improve economies of scope and scale.

1Veterinary Market Research & Technology Analysis

Often, clients want to understand the market, how their technology fits into animal health, and the potential for their product or service in the animal health space.  We can assist our clients in evaluating the technology, conducting market research, establishing target veterinary product profiles, and establishing the anticipated development timeline and budgets.  

Technology Assessment and Development Planning
Target Disease Applications
Development Timelines and Budgets
Manufacturing Guidance
GMP Pilot and Scale Up
Veterinary Market Analysis & Research
Target Product Profiles
Attribute Mapping and Price Elasticity Testing
Competitive Analysis
Market Research and Forecasting


2Veterinary Regulations & Documentation

One of the most important aspects to address before starting the development of a veterinary product is to establish the regulatory pathway.  Our veterinary consulting services provides veterinary regulatory guidance services.  We can assist in also developing your regulatory submissions, and development of standard operating procedures regarding investigational product accountability and project management.

FDA-CVM-drugs, devices, supplements, feeds
USDA-APHIS and USDA-CVB – biologics, vaccines, diagnostic kits
Additional Products – cellular and regenerative technologies
Investigational Product SOPs
Project Management SOPs
Veterinary Service Memorandums related to Product Development


3Veterinary Business Development & Licensing 

Our team can also help identify the right partners, when to engage those partners, and how to structure licensing agreements.  We have been involved in dozens of business development projects, technology licensing transactions, and forming companies to commercialize their technology for veterinary medicine.  We can also assist start-up formation, interim management, and building an online presence for investors or customers.

Business Development
Valuation and Financial Modeling
Business Plans and Commercial Strategy
Due Diligence and Competitor Profiling
Identifying Potential Strategic Partners
Drafting Terms Sheets, Letters of Intent and Contracts
Managing Negotiations


4Website Design & Marketing 

Whether you are preparing to raise capital, commercialize a product, or need to refresh your image, our team has over 15 years experience in positioning veterinary products and veterinary marketing.  In today’s competitive veterinary market, it is important to develop a professional look for your product and company.

Website Design
Full Service Website Design Services
Search Engine Optimization
Visit – our website design group
Promotional Materials and Brochures
Regulatory Compliance Review of Promotional Materials
Trade-dress and Branding
Consumer and Beta Testing


1. Prior to beginning any veterinary consulting project, we hold a no cost introductory meeting to discuss the client's needs and technology or service. We can also sign a Confidentiality Agreement in preparation for receiving sensitive information. After our review, we will then provide a project proposal and estimated budget.
2. Once the scope of work is finalized, we will provide our client a Veterinary Consulting Services Agreement (VCSA) for review and consideration. The Veterinary Consulting Services Agreement will contain the scope of work and budget.
3. After we execute the VCSA, we will start the project and invoice according to the provisions of the VCSA.
We don't publish our rates, which can be discussed during the initial introductory meeting. We work with our clients to determine the scope of work, and can apply an hourly, daily, or per project rate.
We can assist from concept through commercialization, but have special interests in the following areas:
1. Business development services including licensing strategy, financial modeling, start-up company formation, and commercial strategy,
2. Veterinary biologics and vaccines, including regulatory submissions to United States Department of Agriculture - Center for Veterinary Biologics.
3. Veterinary medical devices, bioscaffolds, and regenerative biomaterials.